We've made some changes!

It is our commitment to provide you with easy ways to navigate the breadth of the Pilates method. We made our design more intuitive, and paved the way for exciting new features. Here is an overview of what’s new!

More information, less scrolling

We have redesigned the exercise pages so that we can fit all variations videos nicely into view, all while making space for more information on each exercise. Navigate video variations—where available—using the links right above the video player.

Enhanced curation

We take pride in showcasing the relationships between exercises, and decided to pave the way for more nuanced curation. Where applicable, we specify breakdowns and regressions as well as offering a selection of exercises across the method relating to the exercise you are currently studying!

How To Guides

Our video catalog was designed to help you fill gaps in your understanding of the work and let you follow your own path of study. For those moments when you need some assistance navigating the catalog to review, learn, or troubleshoot exercises, we put some step-by-step guides together for you. You can find them on the homepage and in the menu bar under More>Guides.

More to come... Thank you for being here with us!


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