Why workshop with us?

The 360° Pilates Workshops are 2-3 day immersions into original concepts of the method. Designed to be a creative retreat for the Pilates professional, participants get to live and breathe the work by alternating lectures and discussions with a shared, reinvigorating movement practice. Minds expand, notebooks fill up, and bodies rejuvenate. The workshops fully integrate with our online platform, giving subscribers access to exclusive learning materials to enhance the workshop experience before and after the session (that said, our workshops are open to anyone regardless of a subscription).

All our workshops are PMA-approved continuing education coursework and grant up to 16 credits. Let’s get to work!

Our workshop themes

Every Pilates practice begins on the Mat, and ultimately leads back to the Mat. This workshop decodes the original 34 Mat exercises by Joseph Pilates and the logic in the order. Participants will also learn original transitions and a skill-based teaching approach to successfully deliver the work in the modern reality of open-level and drop-in classes with maximized flow. [2 days, 12 hours]

When it comes to Pilates, simple doesn’t equal easy. This workshop focuses on fundamental movement repertoire and patterns that are repeated frequently throughout the method and build the true foundation of the work. Utilizing all studio apparatus, participants get immersed in the depth of these “basics” and learn how to look at them and get the most out of them. [3 days, 16 hours]

The “intermediate” repertoire of exercises make up the majority of what is taught in Pilates sessions around the world today. As the initial goal for the beginner, and the benchmark for the advanced student, fluency in the method’s core is key to delivering the work to those that seek to learn it. [3 days, 16 hours]

During this workshop, we sweat the small stuff with a focus on the smaller, corrective devices in Joseph Pilates’ original work. Designed to assist in teaching the finer aspects of movement quality and connection, they are the ultimate problem-solvers for the challenges we encounter in our movement practice. Participants will learn about the key elements that help pick & choose the right exercises and apparatus to overcome a challenge, and how to integrate these tools into a full-bodied practice. [3 days, 16 hours]

Front Levers. Pikes. Handstands. Headstands. Balances. Splits. In a faithful Pilates practice, there is a moment when the number of available progressions of skill in the studio environment becomes endless. The average student doesn’t necessarily progress to this level of Pilates training… but they can be introduced to Pilates as a progression of skills rather than a number of exercises. This session immerses participants in the original spirit of the Pilates method that was inspired by gymnastics and skill-building. [3 days, 16 hours]

Joseph Pilates created apparatus to do the work of tactile teaching for him. The apparatus keeps a body in alignment, touches the body for activation and stimulation, and resists movement for proper engagement. Because learning movement is a kinesthetic event—and not an intellectual one—this workshop hones in on the most important apparatus in the studio: the teacher’s body. During the workshop, participants learn how to see and speak with their hands, and develop the skills to let the work teach itself. [3 days, 16 hours per day]

Upcoming Workshops

June 28-30, 2019

Edinburgh, UK

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