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Pilates Gymnastics



Dates: November 16-18, 2018
Hours: Friday and Saturday: 1-6pm; Sunday: 12-5pm
City: Houston, TX
Studio: WAPilates
Continuing education credits (PMA): 16

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While Pilates generally builds movement abilities from the ground up, one thing is clear: the original muse for the Pilates method was the world of gymnastics and the desire to build absolute movement freedom. The exercises that showcase the athletic nature of Contrology take place on all apparatus – from gymnastics on the Cadillac’s crossbars to the acrobatics on the Ladder Barrel. While these exercises are not necessarily for every student, delineating their patterns further highlights that as far as movement possibilities go… Pilates is endless.

Participation in the workshop does not require the ability to execute any particular skills — however, the session is recommended for healthy bodies wishing to explore advanced material for themselves and their students alike!



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