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Are you a passionate Pilates professional who wants to discover the full depth of the method? We got you covered. 360° Pilates™ is an innovative education platform that combines online and live learning to bring the original Pilates method to life.

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Inspiration is just a click away

We believe that immersive and regular exposure to the method both intellectually and physically is key to staying inspired as a teacher, so we’ve developed this platform to spark daily inspiration and help you thrive.

360° Pilates Online provides you with regular access to a comprehensive video catalog of the original work to help you fill gaps, connect dots, and break down the method, one movement at a time.

What is 360° Pilates Online?

  • Instant access to a comprehensive video catalog of the original Pilates method
  • Over 400 HD videos shot from multiple angles to detail each movement
  • Curated and searchable content that can be streamed on all your devices
  • Insightful articles and tutorials in our exclusive journal
  • 15% discount on all 360° Pilates workshops around the world

A few kind words

  • From the moment I was a part of 360° Pilates it was as if after years of teaching someone came and switched on all the lights. Every moment was filled with lightbulb moments and a true understanding of the how and why of what we teach. A true gift I will never be able to thank enough for!

    Hilary Opheim
    Hilary Opheim WAPilates | Houston, TX
  • 360° Pilates transformed my practice, my teaching, and my studio, and I continue to use the encyclopedic resources every single day. Both in person and online, 360° Pilates demystifies the Pilates method in a way that is equal parts exciting and empowering.

    Ellie Carr
    Ellie Carr The Pilates Hub | Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 360° Pilates takes you right back to the heart of the method with incredible depth and detail. The online materials and workshop program are outstanding!

    Drew Clark
    Drew Clark The Pilates Garage | Denver, CO
  • Working with 360° Pilates redefined many aspects of our teaching at Flex Studios. 360° Pilates has proven to be the perfect education resource to kickstart a realignment of our approach to Pilates at large.

    Heather Thomas Shalabi
    Heather Thomas Shalabi Flex Studio | Hong Kong
  • 360° Pilates Online is a minimalist's dream, an introvert's study guide. I'm in heaven!

    Jenna Zaffino
    Jenna Zaffino Pilates Unfiltered | Chicago, IL

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