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Meet the team: Heather

Heather Thomas Shalabi is the owner of Flex Studios in Hong Kong: a high-end, boutique fitness company with two stunning locations. She has been at the forefront of Hong Kong’s Pilates and fitness scene for over 15 years. Studying and working with 360° Pilates since 2013, she has completely shifted her approach to the work; she hosted Benjamin Degenhardt and the 360° Pilates workshops to retrain her staff, invested in traditional apparatus, and has become a host for the Real Pilates Teacher Training to bring the original work to the next generation of Pilates professionals in Asia.

When she happened to be in New York during our filming days for 360° Pilates Online, we couldn’t resist but ask if she’d honor us with her presence and practice on set—and we’re so lucky she said yes!

Share one memorable moment from being on set with us.

I will never forget mounting the Reformer for Russian splits, staring into the curved white wall in the back of the film studio and thinking “this is what infinity must feel like!”

What’s your spirit Pilates exercise and why?

It must be Airplane on the Cadillac—with or without springs! Pilates makes me feel like I’m flying and this exercise gives that sense of freedom and power all at once.  Plus it feels really cool to do.

I love Pilates because…

… it never stops giving.  Whether as a teacher or as a student… Pilates is selfless and always has more to offer—to everyone!

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