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Meet the team: Rebecca

Talk about a full circle moment: Rebecca Greenbaum-Goodhart got her start in Pilates under the tutelage of 360° Pilates founder Benjamin Degenhardt at the Equinox Pilates Institute. She later completed the 360° Pilates workshop program and continues to immerse herself in deeper learning. She has become a powerhouse in New York’s Pilates scene in her own right and can be found at studios throughout the City—when she’s not dancing, that is. Catch her… if you can.

Share one memorable moment from being on set with us.

I mostly remember how much fun it was. It was the most relaxed and fun shoot I’ve ever been on. There was a lot of laughing… and a lot of blooper content.

What’s your spirit Pilates exercise and why?

Boomerang. I love doing it, but I also feel like it is an exercise that is in so many places at once, which is how I feel as a person in general. Any day of the week I have so many hats on from Pilates teacher, student, dancer etc. so the boomerang (being the Roll Over, Teaser, and Rowing in one exercise) just seems fitting!

I love Pilates because…

… it breaks me apart while putting me back together. As I continue with my studies I learn more about how to combat my deeply ingrained habits and tendencies and how this struggle will make me stronger and better in the long run. Not to mention, my life is jam-packed with teaching, commuting to multiple studios, and rehearsing for dance companies so I have to be 100%. Pilates holds me accountable and gives me a framework from which to take good care of myself.

Connect with Rebecca:

Instagram | Rebecca’s website


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