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Push a button in the mind

Accomplishment and expansion both begin—you guessed it—in the mind. Joseph Pilates knew this, and anyone who has ever dared to tread right along the edge of their perceived ability, only to be surprised by what they can actually do, knows it’s true.

In the Pilates method, we typically consider the body the gateway to wellbeing. By working out our physical instrument, we feel better. By going inwards and concentrating on the present moment, we think clearer. By making our bodies move in both familiar and unfamiliar ways, we groove new neural patterns and enhance our brainpower. Simply put, by improving our physical wellness, we unlock mental wellness as well.

But in this process, our mind can also become a roadblock: “I can’t do that” or “That wasn’t great” are just some of the ways by which our minds hold our bodies back from figuring themselves out in movement. But if we refocus our minds on the process, let go of judging the outcome and reframe the concept of “right and wrong”, we can push a button in the mind and allow our bodies to control the experience.


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