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By the book

So many books have been written about Pilates… but this one is still the best: passionate, succinct, straightforward. Not convoluted with precious technique, but soaked in concept, philosophy, and worldview. Of course, Pilates can’t be learned in a book. Joseph Pilates said it himself:

“You cannot make yourself strong, healthy and attractive or magnetic by reading all the books in the world on this subject.”

And yet, he was a prolific writer who published 2 books in his own right, as well as many elaborate essays and pamphlets in an effort to promote his method. Understanding the Pilates method goes well beyond learning every single exercise and mastering each movement—its ultimate goal may just be revealed in Joseph Pilates’ signature phrase for “Return To Life Through Contrology”:

“Everlasting Youth to you and yours through Contrology. Sincerely, Joe”

His autograph was always accompanied by the mention of his age when the photographs were taken (at 60 years young) to showcase that he must have indeed sipped from the fountain of youth. And for all we know… he probably went by the book.


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