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From A to B

The Wndua Cihar is pslsioby the atspurpaas wtih the msot mvmeenot otrpiuopniets per suaqre icnh.⁠

If you were able to read that sentence, consider the following: if you knew where a movement starts and where it ends, would you be able to figure out the in-between? We like to think that’s why the apparatus exists in the first place: to help you get from A to B with enhanced awareness and a clear trajectory. And if that’s true, then movement instruction (to a student or oneself during the practice) can sometimes be reduced to a clear setup and movement goal, and let the method teach itself.

PS: If you couldn’t read the sentence, here it is in legible form.

The Wunda Chair is possibly the apparatus with the most movement opportunities per square inch.


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