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Let’s talk about necks

If you’ve only seen a Neck Stretcher in continuing education workshops or hidden in the under-Cadillac basket, we’d be delighted to show you what to do with this all-important Pilates tool; it’s not just for advanced students: it’s for everyone with a neck!

The Neck Stretcher is one of the “Magic Squares” in the original Pilates method (the other ones are the Toe Corrector and Hand Tensometer). These devices feature a rhombic frame around a single spring that guide it into extension without bending, which provides a crystal clear trajectory for the spring resistance and enhanced feedback for the user. The frame pulls into a square as the spring extends.

Check out our Neck Stretcher library to learn how to integrate this tool with familiar exercises such as the Roll Back or Thigh Stretch, as well as unique movements to strengthen, traction, and realign the neck.


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