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Meet the team: Frank

Frank Zito might just be the Pilates teacher with the most tattoos per square inch—but that’s only one of the many, many things we love about him. He’s the former owner of Pilates Certification LA and founder of The Men Of Pilates on Facebook. Today, he can be found at Cotrone Pilates in Los Angeles where he teaches his clients and trains the next generation of Pilates professionals. We strive to work with the best in the field and are so lucky we got to have Frank on set for 360° Pilates Online!

Share one memorable moment from being on set with us.

I fondly remember hanging out with my fellow movers on set that day. Benny and Joana taught me how to use the “Boomerang” app to capture some exercises for Instagram. It was an “old dog, new tricks” moment.

What’s your spirit Pilates exercise and why?

I love doing all forms of Pull-Ups, particularly on the Cadillac. There is nothing quite as satisfying as pulling your body from Point A to Point B.

I love Pilates because…

… it’s a method that requires many years, even decades, to fully understand. I intend to explore it my entire life.

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