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Meet the team: Gregg

When we set out to create 360° Pilates Online, we knew that we couldn’t even begin to dream up taking on this massive challenge without a videographer we absolutely love. Enter Gregg Monteith! When he’s not operating 3 cameras (and enough lights to make the sun jealous) at the film studio for us, he can be found creating a variety of exciting film projects or playing the drums for musicals across the country, including Madison Square Garden! We’re so grateful he brought his many talents—and amazing playlists to set the tone on set—to 360° Pilates.

What is one thing you love your job?

To me, the best part of my job is the different people that I get to work with. I love being surrounded by passionate experts in their field. It really elevates the product and the working experience.

What have you learned about Pilates while working with 360° Pilates?

I’ve done quite a few Pilates projects over the last few years but I got so much more value seeing it in 360! Cheesy, I know – but being able to witness all the different exercises on ALL the pieces of equipment was eye-opening as to how much the human body can do.

What are you working on right now (outside of 360° Pilates)?

In addition to my Pilates clients, I’m keeping busy with luxury real-estate shoots, and different theater/educational projects in New York City and across the country.

Connect with Gregg:
Instagram | Gregg’s website

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