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Mise en place

Mise en place: a culinary phrase meaning “putting things in place” or “everything in its place”. A well-known fact is that you’re more likely to use the tools that are within reach.

Are your Roll Back Bars, Arm Springs, Leg Springs attached in the right places? Do you know where your Toe Corrector, Neck Stretcher, and other Gizmos are? Are the sticky pads in one piece and within reach? And where are those extra straps, carabiners and pillows?

When you hit the studio tomorrow, take a good look around and look for possibilities to optimize your practice and your teaching. Put everything in its place. Dust off the sub-Cadillac toys, shine your Foot Correctors. Plan ahead, and be ready to change course.⁠

And, naturally, put everything back when you’re done. 🤗


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