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Meet the team: Joana

Joana Matos is a dance artist based in Lisbon. She met Benjamin Degenhardt as a Pilates student during one of her many visits to New York City—her favorite place to get lost in the study of dance culture. After participating in the 360° Pilates workshop program, she became part of the 360° family; not just as one of our model movers, but also as the Content Manager prior to the launch of 360° Pilates Online!

Share one memorable moment from being on set with us.

My favorite moments all revolved around the amazing team and the great time everyone had on set. There was such fun music that we spontaneously burst into a dance between takes—I remember being unable to hold still while Wanna Be Starting’ Somethin’ by Michael Jackson was playing.

What’s your spirit Pilates exercise and why?

Swan Dive on the Ladder Barrel, because it flows through shapes and it includes so many movement dynamics that are really fun to both practice and teach. It also is very beneficial for most people in this electronic device filled era!

I love Pilates because…

… as an artist whose creative mind and body move all over the place at the speed of light every day, I find that it provides the necessary mental and physical stability to stay productive, centered and mobile in my craft and in my life.

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